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I’m launching a daily (well, 5x/week) newsletter — subscribe if you’re in the mood! Topics to be covered: pop (and not-yet-pop) culture, music, art, anthropology, fashion and feminism, city living and city recs, social (media) trends, cool finds in tech, political trends, worthwhile celebrity stuff, things I write that others might want to read, things others write that we all should all be reading.

In other words, I trudge through all corners of the internet and deliver fresh to your inbox the good stuff: 4-7 daily links to the new, the noteworthy, and the next, with a touch of commentary. Millennial stuff.

This is not The Skimm.

This is intended to start a dialogue. Not always a profound one — but we’ll get there.

And yes, I will always cover all the One Direction and Drake news that’s fit to print.


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